Author: VADM Nigel Brodeur (ret’d)

100 Pages

ISBN Print 9781894147293

ISBN eBook 9781894147309

Victor Gabriel Brodeur was the first French Canadian flag officer in the Royal Canadian Navy and first to fly the Senior Canadian Officer Afloat pennant while operating with the Royal Navy. This book is a photographic record of his career while training on Canadian and British ships up to an including command. A key member of Canada’s Second World War naval leadership and headed up Canada’s Pacific Coast defenses. French language ecole Victor Brodeur in Esquimalt BC commemorates is contributions to Canada. This book offers a fascinating look into naval and Canadian history and comes with bilingual (English and French) text.Written by his son, Vice Admiral Nigel Brodeur (Retired), the son of Victor Brodeur, resides in Victoria BC and is seen as a child in a number of the photographs in the book. Nigel was one of the founders of the Admiral’s Medal, created in 1985 to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy.